Group Travel Awards 2013

Group Travel Awards

Bateaux London experienced the honour of receiving a nomination at the Group Travel Awards this year, and were voted as one of the Best Riverboat Operators for Groups. We were truly delighted to receive this as it was voted for by readers of Group Travel Organiser Magazine.

Groups are at the very heart of what we do, operating over 550 exclusive group events a year!

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The Thames’ Next Top Model

This weekend was the Bateaux London photo and video shoot, taking place across lunch, Sunday lunch jazz, afternoon tea and dinner cruises in just two days! The weather held firm and a fantastic time was had by all – especially our guests and (most) of the crew!

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Jazz hands at the ready!

London Experience

What makes for a true London experience?

Its a tough question to answer as London represents many things to many people. Is it a chance to shop for excellent designers? A glimpse at history? A fabulous feast for all the senses? Or just a commuter hell for the locals …?

Everyone’s experience of the capital is different!

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We believe summer is best spent on the river, soaking up the sights in the sunshine!

We don’t want to alarm anyone, but have you looked outside? It is SUNNY!!!!

What a relief! We were beginning to believe we were in a Game of Thrones, stuck in a perpetual state of winter.

London is at her best when the sun shines. Workers pound the pavements with a spring in their step; travelers on the tube are smiling; but best of all we can all explore the city at our leisure, not hurrying from door to door narrowly avoiding an umbrella in the eye.

We can even do it without a coat on!

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Teatime Treats are the Talk of the Thames!

See the sights from the largest open deck on the Thames!

See the sights from the largest open deck on the Thames!

Afternoon Tea has long been an occasion beloved by Britain, and lately, for all those who enjoy emulating our unique British style. Once an event attended with an invitation only, today London is awash with many variations on a traditional theme, however Bateaux London is offering something truly unique this Spring.

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The Bateaux London Christmas Party – in March!

New Image

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for the Bateaux London team and so we often postpone our company Christmas party until after we have finished providing everyone else’s. Our festive cruises run alongside our usual dining cruises and throughout the whole of December and so it really is all hands on deck.

March may be pretty late to be being Festive, but judging by the camaraderie in the office this morning it was most definitely worth the wait!

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Weather Proof Fun in London

Escape the bustle of the city and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere as you soak up the sights of London

Escape the bustle of the city and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere as you soak up the sights of London

It’s freezing.

There is no getting around it, central heating bills will be rife this quarter. But despite, waking up chilly in the mornings there are still some fantastic moments to behold on the river Thames lately.

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